Kerry Wood - Problem or Solution for 2009 Cleveland Indians?

Welcome to Cleveland Kerry Wood!  We Indians Faithful know that you are just oozing with potential and looked great last year saving games for the Cubs.  We need you to reassure us that you might be able to earn the $20.5 million dollars we are giving you over the next two years.  If you repeat 2004 and 2005 we will be paying you about $1 million per appearance.  Please rest and eat your vitamins Kerry!

Kerry Wood is entering his tenth major league season, and first as anything but a Cub.  He made $4.2 million last year and put good numbers up with 34 saves.  However, his first half ERA was 2.43 and his first half WHIP was .86.  In the second half, his ERA swelled to 4.57 and his WHIP to 1.45, almost a doubling in both categories.  The 1998 Rookie of The Year is injury prone and is well aware that the Cleveland Clinic is pretty close to Progressive Field.

Wood has had a big history with serious injuries:

  • 1999 – Tommy John surgery.
  • 2004 –   8-9 win/loss record, out two months with strained triceps.
  • 2005 – August 31, undergoes surgery and misses rest of season.
  • 2006 – Misses first month and a half of season recovering from surgery.  A month after return, he tears his rotator cuff and misses the rest of that season.
  • 2007  – Converted to relief pitcher, on 60-day DL to start season.

That’s quite a history.  To Wood’s credit, he has achieved some remarkable things in nine years:

  • 2008 All-Star
  • Fastest to reach 1,000 strikeouts in MLB history (based on appearances)
  • Fastest to reach 1,000 strikeouts in MLB history (based on innings pitched)
  • Listens to Pearl Jam!

Only time will tell if the investment Cleveland has made in Kerry Wood will be worth two years and over $20 million.  Everytime I play the game Operation with me niece, I will be sure to think of  Wood every single time I touch the sides and get buzzed.  Hopefully, I learn what I did wrong from that buzzer and don’t end up getting zapped repeatedly like a homing pigeon, or Kerry Wood.

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