Is Roberto Alomar Telling Us The Truth?

Roberto Alomar’s attorneys say the claim is “frivolous and baseless.”  Alomar has been accused by a former girlfriend of demanding unprotected sex over the course of four years alleging that Alomar had been carrying the AIDS virus.  Ilya Dall (the accuser) is seeking $15 million in punitive damages from the 41-year old Alomar.  According to some reports, Alomar has already been diagnosed with full-blown AIDS.  Alomar’s legal team, however, says he is perfectly healthy and that he will do his talking in court.

Several alarming points rise from this mess.  Baseball, and all of professional sports, are so worried about drug testing.  Should baseball put in HIV testing too?  Maybe Alomar’s ex-girlfriend can sue MLB and get more than Manny in 2009.  Baseball players are rumored to live rock star type lives.  They are also rumored to draw a young female groupie-type following.  I am all for Bud Selig to call for bloodwork testing for these sorts of potentially fatal symptoms. 

Roberto Alomar was probably one of my favorite players as an All-Star second baseman with the Blue Jays and Indians.  He could smack the ball and served as a prototype of what today’s middle infielders must be able to do both in the box and on the field defensively.  For his sake, I am hoping his ex is a whackjob and is making all of this up.  Part of me believes her though.  I thought he was with tennis star Mary Pierce and lived happily ever after.

If you do have AIDS Roberto, it’s time to man up and confess.  Lead the charge to find a cure instead of hiding in fear of public opinion.  Magic Johnson has lived with this for over 16 years.  He stepped up when he found out and got the help he needed.  Denial will only prevent getting the medical help you are going to need.

If, by some chance, this woman is lying about everything, the authorities need to take her to Salem, Mass. and burn her at the stake.  I suggest letting John Hirshbeck to spit on her too.

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