The Magic of Tom Hamilton, None Better!

Being pretty well fed up with snow and cold weather, I so look forward to the beginning of baseball season.  One of the true artists in the game is not a player, but rather an announcer.  Tom Hamilton could make roller derby exciting. 

The true mark of summer is catching the Indians on a West Coast road trip.  It is 65 degrees outside, the windows are open, and the television broadcast begins at about 10:30 EST.  I get into full comfort mode with a large drink and some seeds to get me through at least the first five innings.  The last thing I have to do to prepare for the telecast is mute the television volume so I can crank my radio up and let Tom Hamilton guide me through the whole event.  Nothing against the television announcers, I have just grown to love the voice of Tom Hamilton.  The inflection of his voice is spot on, every time. 

Announcers are taught to be objective, when someone hits a homerun against the Tribe, Hamilton gives the details as the opponent rounds the bases in his best monotone voice.  The contrast is obvious when an Indian goes yard as Hamilton’s yell provides the serenity no one else screaming in that decibal range can provide me.  Some his calls from the recent Indians success years of the 1990’s still give me goosebumps to listen to.  Not many MLB clubs honor a radio announcer with his own bobblehead doll as the Indians have with Hamilton. 

My two cents say that there is no better announcer in the sport.  Thank you Tom Hamilton for guiding me through a 162 game epic every year, it just would not be the same without you.

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