Cleveland Indians 2009 Predictions



                                                                                                                                                   With the 2009 season approaching fast, I have compiled a few predictions for the Tribe.  These predictions are of my opinion only, if you disagree please comment at the bottom of the article.  Here are team and individual predictions of note:

Team Predictions:

  • Cleveland will win the AL Central with a record of 98-64.  They will clinch by the second week of September and will control the division after the All-Star break.
  • Cleveland will beat Anaheim in the first playoff round and advance to the ALCS to face, yep, the beloved Yankees.
  • Cleveland will defeat the Yankees in the ALCS, 4 games to 2 games and advance to The World Series to face the other Big Apple team, The New York Mets.
  • Cleveland wins The World Series, 4-2, over The Mets.
  • Eric Wedge is named AL Manager of The year.
  • Grady Sizemore is named AL MVP.
  • Scott Lewis finishes third in AL Rookie of The Year voting.

Individual Predictions:

  • Scott Lewis wins 15 games as the newest Tribe starter.
  • Carl Pavano stays healthy most of the year and gets 12 wins.
  • Travis Hafner is done by the end of August with various injuries and Matt LaPorta is called up.
  • Grady Sizemore hits .319, has 34 HR, 40 SB and leads the league in OB Percentage on his way to racking up the AL MVP.
  • Mark DeRosa has an outstanding year hitting .294, 25 HR, 103 RBI.
  • Ryan Garko ends up platooning with Victor Martinez at first base opening the door for Kelly Shoppach to hit 15 HR’s.
  • Victor Martinez is the all-around juggernaut and is productive all year.  He proves he is as good a first baseman as well as a great defensive catcher.
  • Kerry Wood has 32 saves but misses time at least twice with trips to the DL.

Remember, these are my fearless predictions and you are encouraged to add your thoughts!

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