From The Desert Back To The Snow Belt

All the hype from Arizona is about finished.  We learned plenty about the Indians in Arizona for the past month and a half.  It is almost time to kick off the 2009 season and Cleveland fans should be excited because the Indians are going to have a big year.  With this probably being my last post about spring training, I would like to use this space to reflect about what we should have learned.

Scott Lewis under pressure is much better than Scott Lewis named to the rotation.  His starts have all been lousy since Wedge put him in the rotation.  Hopefully he is not going to become a bum because he feels like he has nothing left to achieve.  It almost feels like he isn’t worried so he is just throwing the ball.  All I can hope is that a pitching coach was messing with his mechanics and after realizing whatever they were preaching wasn’t working, instructed Lewis to go back to whatever he was doing.

Trevor Crowe has two weeks to pressure the front office into keeping him where he belongs.  David Delucci is a decent utility guy, but Crowe offers so much more off of the bench.  As a full-blooded Italian, I would have gladly cheered for Delucci if he were playing for Italy in the World Baseball Classic.  Sorry Dave, you just are not the guy we need up there right now, Trevor Crowe is that guy.  Once Delucci heals up and is activated, expect Crowe to be sent packing.

Matt LaPorta is a future Home Run Derby participant.  The sky is the limit for this kid.  The best thing the front office did was give up CC to the Brewers for this guy.  We keep CC last year, he finishes up and then goes to New York with The Tribe getting nothing.  Kudos management for doing the right thing.  LaPorta is a beast and barring injury will be a starter within a couple of years.

Mark DeRosa is an undervalued commodity.  Indian fans should fall in love with this guy by the break.

Kerry Wood is an overvalued commodity.  I joke often about Wood carpooling back and forth to The Cleveland Clinic with the trainers, but the $20 million is too much for the results to come.  I wonder what the co-pay is for Indians?

Travis Hafner is the biggest unknown going into the season.  If Pronk can get his act together without hurting himself, the one through six hitters will put freaky offensive numbers up.

Grady Sizemore will win the MVP if he gets 550 AB’s this season.  Sizemore is not a secret anymore, everyone knows how good he is now. 

I could ramble for hours, but I will let the team do my talking… for now.

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