Is Eric Wedge Going To Be Around Long?

Wishy-washy, quiet, not boisterous, and seemingly non-chalant way too much, Eric Wedge is quietly watching his team struggle.  Wedge is not the type of manager who will be vocal publicly with the players.  He doesn’t yell or scream, he rarely gets ejected, and is the type of guy who just takes in what is going on around him

I don’t know how long Cleveland management is going to allow it.  This year’s Indians team is best described as feast (22-4 vs New York Saturday) or famine (2-0 losers to Kansas City last night) so far.  Is there a middle somewhere?  Now you get your pitchers to throw a good game and can’t score a run?

The Indians lack that vocal presence.  They need to re-sign Albert Belle just to come and raise a little hell to keep the team on edge a hair.  There is no sense of urgency.  To me this is a reflection of the type of person Eric Wedge is.  Monkey-see, monkey-do.  Why should the players get excited or try to be vocal if they don’t see it at the top?

I hope Wedge can straighten things out soon.  If he can’t he should not be around to see Fall in an Indians uniform.  This team has superior talent in a weak division and should start playing like winners.

Kansas City blanked Cleveland 2-0 Wednesday night.  Cliff Lee pitched eight solid innings but took the loss, his third which was as many as he had all of last year.  Victor Martinez had two of the Indians five hits pushing his batting average above .400.


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