Wedge Era Closes in Loss

In what should come as no surprise, the Indians dropped all four games in a sweep at the hands of the Boston Red Sox. The Indians closed the season with a 5-game losing streak as Eric Wedge’s tenure in Cleveland is now officially over.

Two seasons ago, a seventh game decided the American League Championship. Two seasons ago, the Indians rebuilding process had come to fruition as Mark Shapiro’s front office moves were indeed, paying off. Two seasons ago, the Red Sox were back in the playoffs after a one-year hiatus. In that seventh game, the Red Sox crushed the Indians and rolled to their second World Series title in four seasons. Since that game, the Indians have endured a dramatic slide, which has finished with a spot in the AL Central basement.

The box scores no longer matter. The starting lineups are meaningless. All that matters now is the Indians have a chance at a new beginning, starting next year, with a new manager at the controls.

Looking back, fans blamed anything and everything on Wedge. In hindsight, the man endured several key injuries, trades, and bad luck with free agent signings. However, his attitude had definitely stagnated in a city desperately wanting and needing a winner…because God knows the Browns won’t help the cause.

In closing, here is a quote from the now, former manager, of the Cleveland Indians, Eric Wedge: “We weren’t able to get it done, but I hope for all Indians fans that the next guy who sits in this chair can do it.”

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