Game One Nightmare in the Bronx

I will try not to blow this out of proportion, THAT much. I know we were not a contender at all this season, nor were we some decent pitching away from being there. Well, maybe pitching was the difference…but still, I am trying to act as though us Indian fans are above blaming problems on the front office…again!

We knew this was coming as soon as the Phillies and Yankees clinched World Series berths. CC vs. Cliff. Game One. The rumble was on in the Bronx with two pitchers transplanted from the wasteland that has become known as Progressive Field. Even that still rings ugly in my ears. Ugh!

So Sabbathia and Lee combined for two solid pitching performances. Ho hum. What else is new?  However, one that stands out…goes to the guy the Indians actually could have kept. We knew CC was a goner. In turn, we may come out okay in that deal as long as Matt LaPorta keeps developing into the solid hitter we project him to be. Financially, CC was off to bigger and better places…greener places. Or I guess, greener pastures.

Anyway, we could have saved Cliff Lee. Here is a guy who went from Cy Young runer-up, to major arm surgery, to Cy Young winner in 2008. He wasn’t costing the Tribe a fortune…yet. But we decided to ship him away anyway, for a slew of minor league prospects. The prized prospect, J.A. Happ, wasn’t included in the deal either. Basically, the Phillies really played us for chumps. Thanks Shaprio!

So during game one of the World Series, Cliff Lee proceeds to throw a complete game, giving up only one run, but striking out ten. Mind you, he made some fantastic defensive plays as well. Lee owned Yankee Stadium for one night. The first World Series game even in Yankee Stadium part two is a Cliff Lee gem. Go figure. We still can’t escape it…

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