Will Lovullo Find Himself in Cleveland Soon?

After being passed over for the managerial position in Cleveland, no doubt Torey Lovullo was disappointed. However, he still stands a chance to wind up with the parent team in some capacity. Remember, the entire staff needs replacing…

Lovullo thinks that the extensive work he has done with most of the players on the team gives him some advantage. After all, they seemed to be winning on his teams, right? Perhaps if we used some of the people that developed the talent in the lower ranks, it could translate to a better final product in the major leagues. The only reason I consider this scenario likely is because of the success that Lovullo had while in the minor leagues with the Indians’ organization.

I sincerely hope he gets an opportunity this season to be with the Indians in some capacity. I do not, however, want the Indians to load up on a young coaching staff without too much big league experience.

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