On a Link-filled Saturday

Howdy Tribe fans, here are some links to get you through this Saturday.

Jamey Wright agrees to a minor league deal with the Tribe. I think this is another move just to add warm bodies to the pile of invites to spring training.

The Bleacher Report says watch out for the Indians this year. I wholeheartedly disagree. I don’t think this years Indians are the 2008 Rays, and I think it could be quite damaging to the rebuilding project to “go for it” in 2010. But it’s an interesting read so I included it.

The Indians are still interested in Jermaine Dye, Johnny Gomes, or Russell Branyan. I’m all for signing Dye at the right price, IF the Indians can find a way to do so without losing a draft pick. I don’t want the team to lose a draft pick over Jermaine Dye.

I’m quoted again over at hotstove.com, asking me if the Indians should have done more this offseason. Here’s my response:

I didn’t see any free agents that, for the price, were a good fit for the Tribe. I wasn’t a huge fan of the Orlando Hudson chase because he’s a type A free agent and the Indians would lose a draft pick, which teams like Cleveland can’t afford to do. I don’t see any starting pitchers that really intrigue me enough to give up on one of the lefty troika of David Huff, Aaron Laffy and Jeremy Sowers (Chien-Ming Wang should NOT be an option for the Tribe), and unfortunately starting pitching is the area of greatest need. The only position player left that really interests me is Jermaine Dye, but even he’s a type A free agent so it’s probably best for the plan that the Tribe stand pat.

The Indians are hiring, for their analytical staff.

The DiaTribe takes a look at the Indians rotation, specifically Laffey Taffy and  Huff the Magic Lefty.

And finally, just wanted to post up a link to my boy Nate’s new LA Angels blog, Halo Hangout.
Enjoy the links, a little over a week till pitchers and catchers report!

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