Running Diary of Spring Training Game 1

The Indians first spring training game was earlier versus the Reds, and to celebrate me actually having something to write about, I’m doing a running diary. Here are my thoughts on our first look at the 2010 Indians:

Top of 1st – Admittedly, I turned the game on after Asdrubal’s home run. But I find it hilarious nonetheless, that Manny Acta’s big lineup switch backfires in the first at bat. I’m not saying I think this will be the norm, because this is obviously a fluke. But it’s hilarious regardless.

Rick Manning has basically joined the Reds broadcasting team for this telecast, an obvious cost-cutting move by the Indians, but it’s nice to be spared the bickering between Matt Underwood and Manning at least for one more game.

Top of 2nd – Indians take a 2-0 lead off a single by Lou Marson, a single by Droobs, and then Grady goes ahead and makes Acta look smart with a bases loaded ground rule double. It’s now 4-0 Indians, with Reds starter Mike Lincoln headed to the showers.

3:40 pm – Wow, Hafner just put together a really good at bat, resulting in a walk. Not something you would have seen the past two years. Let’s hope it’s a sign of things to come.

3:51 Finally something interesting happens, Jay Bruce’s bat breaks on what looks like him swinging at air. Seriously, the bat just broke. This might be the most interesting thing to happen in this game. Ugh.

4:02 Kerry Wood now in for the Tribe. I really hope he doesn’t vest his option this year. I like Kerry Wood, I think he got a bad deal last year with all the inactivity, but there’s no way in hell I want him back next year. It’s simply not needed. There is no reason to be paying a closer close to $10 million on a bad rebuilding team.

4:11 Reds broadcasted Tom Brenann (sorry if I spelled that incorrectly) just called OPS a new sleek stat. Wow.

4:14 Some guy named Paul just joined the broadcast booth and he sounds like Elvis Presley. I really want him to say “Thank you… thank you very much.” I’d find that hilarious.

4:20 I hate it when on-field interviewers don’t ask questions and rather put answers in player’s mouths. Do your job the right way. The Reds on-field interviewer just did an entire interview with Matt Maloney without asking a single question.

4:21 Choo-Choo train legs out a two-out triple, 5-0 Indians. Cue the “Choo military obligation” talk.

4:22 Choo military obligation talk. Yawn.

4:27 Laffey Taffy now on the mound throwing to the most hyped Indians prospect since maybe CC Sabathia – Carlos “Smooth” Santana. I still can’t believe the Tribe got him AND ANOTHER GUY for Casey F’in Blake. That’s a top 10 prospect in baseball and a warm body for Casey F-in Blake’s worthless a$$.

4:34 Michael Redd, apparently desperate for money, is now doing Safe Auto ads. It’s pretty much exactly what you’d expect. Moving on…

4:38 “Smooth” laces a double to left. The future’s so bright, I have to wear shades :)

4:47 Why do the Indians pitchers look good? Granted there has only been three of them, but still… 6-0 Indians.

4:56 Rick Manning is now convinced that Brian Buscher should have been out at 1st…even though both camera angles had Indians first base coach Sandy Alomar Jr. in the way of the bag. “He’s out, for the effort,” is what Manning says. So if you try really hard, you’re gonna get the call?

4:58 Nick Weglarz hits a three run homer, and I see no reason to watch this anymore. 9-0 Indians, middle of 6th. Glad to have baseball back, even if it’s boring.

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