It's Tribe (Link Fix) Time Now!

Haven’t given out some links in awhile, so I’m going to do that while there isn’t much new news to report. And awayyyyyyy we go!

AccuScore predicts the Indians to finish last in the division, possibly with 90+ losses. This really shouldn’t come as a surprise if you’ve been reading this site. Yes, there is some talent on this team but as a whole it’s simply not ready to contend, as the article states.’s Rob Neyer provides a nice scouting report on Mitch Talbot. He basically tells us to expect anywhere from a 4.50 – 5.00 ERA from Talbot, which actually wouldn’t be that bad on this team.

Waiting for Next Year is feeling slightly more optimistic about the Manny Acta hiring. I have to agree with Craig. I’m optimistic that Acta can change some of the bad habits the Indians formed under former manager Eric Wedge. I don’t think they’ll have the same talent level, but if they can make changes in their attitudes then the results will follow.

Lisa Winston of identifies the Indians top prospects for 2010. Interesting to note 5 of the players from the 2009 list were holdovers to the 2010 list, and 6 were acquired in the CC Sabathia, Cliff Lee, Victor Martinez or Casey F-in Blake deals.

Castrovince points out that the biggest question facing this season is how the starting rotation will fare. There isn’t anything close to a sure thing in this starting rotation, despite the encouraging signs from Jake Westbrook and Fausto Carmona.

Peter Gammons lists the Indians as one of his six teams to watch for 2010. Please, Tribe fans. Do not read too much into this. Do not get too excited. Gammons is a Boston guy, but he’s always had a soft spot for the Indians for some reason. Please, if you’re going to eat it up, don’t even read it.

Winston also gives an organizational preview, and while it’s nothing new if you’ve been following the Indians, it’s nice and condensed and simple to read, making it easy to brush up on some of the draft class of last year.

Bleacher Report has a slideshow of some rather bold predictions for the 2010 Indians. Even more interesting is their choice for the picture on the first page of the slideshow, which appears to be former Indian and current Dodger Jamey Carroll. I’d like to go on the record as stating I offered Carroll my superfandom in return for taking the jersey number 34, to match my personalized Indians jersey. He declined, and thus, I never liked him. /rant

Finally, check out Call to the Pen, Fansided’s new general MLB blog. Wally and the guys are a bunch of really talented and knowledgable baseball writers, so add Call to the Pen to your bookmarks and be sure to check it out often as it’s going to be updated pretty much daily with chock full of baseball goodness.

Less than 6 days till Opening Day!!

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