Why Did Acta Use Wood?

Kerry Wood was activated from the DL yesterday, while Jensen Lewis was sent down to Columbus. Before you even ask, Lewis was caught in a numbers game. He had options left, and the Indians are not ready to give up on Raffy Perez. Therefore, he drew the short straw.

So Woody’s back and everything I read said he’d return to the closer’s role and Chris Perez would become the setup man, if the Tribe ever needs one.

So what the eff was Wood doing pitching in the seventh inning of a tie game?

Wood showed last year he struggles in non-save situations. And while bringing Wood in a non-save situation is pretty much inevitable with how bad this team is, was it really that necessary to rush him back into the game? The Indians are trying to trade him; they need him to perform.

Maybe someone can explain the rationale, because I was unable to watch after the fifth inning. But this just seems like a terrible idea by Manny Acta.

Let’s look on the bright side: since Wood was hurt, he almost assuredly won’t finish the number of games required for his option to vest. Making him much more attractive to a team looking for a rental closer. The Indians might actually be able to get a good player if Wood starts to perform.

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