New Looks at DLF

You may have noticed Deep Left Field got a redesign yesterday (Or you may not have). I love the new look, I think it’s so much better looking than the last one. Unfortunately I don’t know it as well as I knew the last one, so I’m still figuring some features out. Please bear with me as I get everything up and running. And feel free to let me know if certain features aren’t working for you.

After getting their first W in what seems like forever (actually it only snapped a 5-game losing streak) the Tribe will go on the road, with a three-game rumble in Kansas City for the rights to last place in the AL Central, followed by a three game set versus Baltimore, and then a two game series against Tampa Bay. This road trip will be a good chance for the Indians to build up some confidence, as they are playing two teams that are struggling as well. The Tribe needs to get it done in the first two games as they will face Zack Greinke in the series finale. Ignore his won-loss record – it doesn’t matter, because his ERA is 2.51 and that number isn’t a fluke. The Tribe will struggle to score against him, so their best bet is to win the first two games. I think it’s very possible for the Tribe to go 4-2 over the next two series(s), and .500 is definitely something they should get.

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