Tribe Picks Pomeranz; LaPorta to AAA

The Indians selected LHP Drew Pomeranz, a junior from Ole Miss fifth overall. Brian Grant, the Indians scouting director, gushed over Pomeranz, including this quote:

“We feel we got a big front-end-of-the-rotation left-handed starter.”
-Brian Grant, Indians scouting director

I felt I had to put that quote in blocks, because I sure as hell hope he’s right. The Indians can ill afford to have another Jeremy Sowers-type pick (No. 6 overall in 2004 … ouch). Here is beat writer Anthony Castrovince’s article on Pomeranz, hopefully you will find it helpful because to be honest, I don’t follow college or prep baseball at all (OK, I’ll watch the College World Series, but that’s about it). I sure hope the Indians did their homework this time; I’d like to give them the benefit of the doubt, but with their recent draft history, they don’t really deserve it.

Also, in another move, Andy Marte was activated from the disabled list and Matt LaPorta was sent down to AAA Columbus. Kind of a mild surprise, but not really, given LaPorta’s struggles. Hopefully this isn’t the last we see of LaPorta, as that CC Sabathia trade looks pretty silly right now. Curious to see if Marte gets any sort of playing time whatsoever, or if he will continue to rot on the Indians’ bench. Also curious to see where they play LaPorta in Columbus; will it be at first base, or in left field?

With the Clippers, LaPorta will split time defensively between first base and left field, though Acta views the young slugger as a future first baseman.

“Looking down the road here, with Michael Brantley probably joining this ballclub at some point, we’ll probably look at him as a first baseman,” said Acta. “That’s where we’ll probably have a spot for him.”

-John Barone,

Either way, let’s hope, for the Indians’ sake, that LaPorta can get himself sorted out.

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