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Strasmas has come and gone, leaving a 9-4 loss and a broken winning streak in its wake.  Stephen Strasburg was impressive, as advertised, going 5.1 IP, striking out 8 and giving up just two hits, one of them a home run by Travis Hafner. The loss snapped a rare four-game winning streak by the Tribe.

The Strasburg buzz around the ballpark was fun to be around. It’s been awhile since Indians fans had something to be excited over, and I had the pleasure of watching the game from the Tribe Social Deck. The Tribe Social Deck is located in the left field bleachers, and features power outlets and wi-fi connectivity, as well as a HD TV tuned in to the Tribe game. It doesn’t sound like much, but it’s actually a great place to watch a game. I had planned on doing live updates from the game, and ending up with what would be a running blog of Strasburg’s start in Cleveland. Unfortunately, I hadn’t planned on the glare from the sun making it impossible to view my computer screen (it seriously took me five minutes to find my mouse cursor) so I had to bag that idea. It did allow me to concentrate more on the game, which was nice, because up until the 6th inning it was a good one. I even got to see my favorite non-Indians player, Adam Dunn, hit a home run, which was great, if it wasn’t against the Tribe. At least it was only a solo shot.

So when I returned home and later tried to do a post about my experience at the game, I discovered the computer I was using had a corrupted Windows file. I have no idea how this happened, but it basically means I’m a vagabond blogger, going from computer to computer until I get it fixed. Please bear with me, believe me, I’m far more frustrated than you are.

There was some good news yesterday. I made an appearance on Stache Radio, the Internet radio show for The Daily Stache, a New York Mets blog. It was a lot of fun for me, even if I felt I sounded like a babbling idiot. Props to Matt Falkenbury (Stache Radio’s host) for a well-run show. You can find the link to the show on the site’s home page, I’m on about 15 minutes into the show.

Indians take on the Mets tomorrow. 7:05 game time, as the Tribe takes on their former division nemisis, Johan Santana, who will face off against the revived Justin Masterson. Hopefully I will have a computer by then.

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