Back in Action

Hey everyone, I apologize for the lack of activity. As I mentioned I’m going through some computer problems and the only access I’ve had to the Internet is via my phone. I’ve temporarily solved the problem, and will be posting regularly again.

As is, if I had to go offline, I picked a pretty good week to do so. A four-game losing streak (including a sweep by the Mets) brought the ugly back out for the Tribe. Some quick thoughts:

I didn’t see Justin Masterson’s start Tuesday, but everything I’m reading says it was a mixed bag. Allowed 7 runs, but only 1 extra base hit and 2 walks, and was hurt by errors. So I’ll give Masterson a pass with this start. But even though he bought himself some rope with his previous three starts, he’s going to have to be more consistent if he’s ever going to be a good starter.

Interleague away games are kind of fun for me, because then I can refer to Travis Hafner as the Indians’ $11.5 Million Dollar Paperweight. Manager Manny Acta has said that Hafner playing first base is not an option, so Hafner is relegated to pinch hitting duties in NL ballparks where the DH is not used. Actually, this kind of sucks since Hafner appeared to be getting into a bit of a groove.

What’s wrong with Tony Sipp? Or rather, who was the guy pitching for Sipp for the first two months of the year? Cause this guy that’s been around since late May sucks. Sipp has a 7.48 ERA and a 1.80 WHIP and while Acta says Sipp’s job isn’t in danger, he’s no longer a late-inning lock for the Tribe.

With all the hype about Stephen Strasburg, and the Indians’ losing, it’s been easy for people to overlook the solid opening week Carlos “Smooth” Santana had. .467 OBP, 1.092 OPS, 1 home run, and 4 doubles. He’s been OK behind the plate, throwing out 3 of 7 would-be base-thieves.

Thanks for your patience. It’s much appreciated.

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