Link Fix 7/20/10

WFNY’s Da Clip Show is something I recently started reading. It’s an easy to read digest to help you catch up on the week in Columbus Clippers baseball, and helps you keep an eye on the players who will be wearing the Tribe uni in the future.

The DiaTribe does its usual Lazy Sunday, with a look at player values, salaries, and potential trade targets. Yeah, he names the usual suspects. Still a good read.

The Tribe Daily has some conspiricy theories involving Jhonny Peralta’s inside the park homer. Other news and notes as well.

Castrovince doing his usual thorough work on all things Tribe in his CastroTurf blog. Speculation as to who will be sent down/DFA’ed/traded in order to make space for Shin-Soo Choo and Asdrubal Cabrera.

And Castro goes more in depth into this decision over at

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