8/4/10 News, Notes and Links

Sorry, didn’t have time for a full-fledged post today, but some news and notes (and a couple links):

C Carlos Santana went on the DL yesterday, with what’s being called a left knee sprain (but may turn out to be worse … or not). He was hurt in a horrific collision at home plate on a bad slide by Ryan Kalish (it definitely wasn’t intentional, but it was a terrible slide. He’s lucky he wasn’t hurt either). It looks like this isn’t as serious as it first appeared, but the Indians may still shut him down for awhile. Which I’m OK with. I’d rather him be fully healed than to try to rush back for no reason. He’s already proved he doesn’t belong in the minors anymore, which is more than I can say about Lou Marson, who was called up to replace him (although Marson did jack one out last night).

Speaking of last night, whether it was the Indians showing their youth or Josh Beckett being a punk who can’t handle it when someone like Lou Marson takes him yard, I’m cool with how the Indians handled themselves in last night’s little altercation. I like how the young relievers (in this case, newly called up Justin Germano and newly not-demoted Jensen Lewis) stood up for their players (whether or not they actually intended to do so, well, we’ll just pretend they did).  Beckett’s always been a hothead and if he wants to look tough by terrorizing this young Indians lineup, well, good for Germano and @JLewFifty.

Travis Hafner returned home yesterday, landing on the DL with right shoulder inflammation. Did you know this was only Hafner’s fifth time to the DL? I know, seems like his fiftieth. LHP David Huff was recalled to take his roster spot, and expect newly recalled OF Jordan Brown (who the Indians seemingly just wanted to go away before) to take some ABs at DH.

Hilarious blurb in The Onion the other day about the Indians. For those unfamiliar with The Onion, let me just tell you that it’s fake.

Jon at WFNY wonders if the Indians have a leader, and who it may be. I can’t call Shelly Duncan the team’s leader, especially when he may not even have a job next year. Sizemore is too quiet, Hafner is too hurt, and the language barrier probably eliminates Choo. I’d like to see Asdrubal step up and assume the role, on and off the diamond.

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