Recovering With Some Tribe Links

I’m still recovering from this weekend, and wanted to get up an Indians-related post before the end of the night, so here’s a bunch of links for you to enjoy. Full-fledged posting will return tomorrow.

Scott at WFNY tosses out some numbers on Matt LaPorta’s resurgence. He’s looked like a completely different player since he was recalled from AAA.

More WFNY, as their SABR-Toothed Triber series has an interesting spin on the Indians’ “new” starting catcher, Lou Marson (ugh). Trust me, I will be discussing Carlos Santana’s injury and what it means to this club.

Lots of good stuff at The DiaTribe, as Paul dishes out hope via Peter Gammons and dissects Bill Simmons’s article about the “boring” 2010 Red Sox.

And thanks to The DiaTribe for pointing out this great Paul Hoynes mis-Tweet. Whoops. Hoynes also apparently wishes he writes for the Rangers.

The PD’s Dennis Manoloff has an great interview with new Indians HOFer Kenny Lofton. Very interesting read, especially given that Kenny was generally considered a hard interview during his playing days.

I don’t generally like to link to Let’s Go Tribe, because they’ve ignored repeated requests for DLF to be included on their blogroll (mine should be fixed now, BTW. Finally, I know), but there’s a fine article by Ryan Richards about Mr. Lofton’s career.

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