Now Writing for DLF ...

You may recall that we were looking for contributing writers for Deep Left Field. I’m happy to report that we found one.

Our new contributing writer is Marc Bigelow, who’s been an Indians fan since his youth, always making sure his homework was done in time to watch the powerhouse teams of the 1990’s. He’s stuck by the team in the leaner years, and he maintains that he “hated Eric Wedge from the day he was hired.” He cites the Bulldog, Orel Hershiser, as his favorite Indian of all time.

Marc also got the correct answer to my trivia question, but was ineligible to receive a shirt. Still, I think he knows his stuff, and I’m looking forward to have Marc’s contributions and insight on Deep Left Field. I think having a different viewpoint will also help this site. Marc and I aren’t always going to agree, and I’m actually excited for this.

The addition of Marc to the staff doesn’t mean I’m not open to finding a second contributing writer, it’s just I’m no longer actively searching for one. If you’re intested in joining DLF and the Fansided network, refer to this post.

You’ll find Marc’s first post below, a recap of this weekend, since I wasn’t able to post. Give it a read and show Marc some love in the comments!

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