Lesson #121 - How to Win Ugly

They won, so technically I shouldn’t complain.

But man, that was not pretty.

The Indians won, 7-3, despite making five errors, surviving thanks to a five-run eighth inning. It was the first time the Tribe won after making five errors since July 12, 1996. This of course happens a night after the Indians lost despite banging out 17 hits. Makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?

Matt LaPorta and Mitch Talbot both had what appeared to be crucial errors at the time, Jayson Nix had two errors, and El Gato, Andy Marte, continues to forget how to play defense.

Look, I don’t get too hung up on the actual “errors” statistic, because as I’ve stated before it’s pretty subjective, and tells you nothing about a player’s range. However, it doesn’t appear that we even need to use statistics to determine this team needs instruction manuals with their gloves.

This was, of course, after manager Manny Acta held a team meeting in the clubhouse to discuss the team’s poor play. I can’t imagine he was thrilled with last night’s game either.

But as I said, hey, at least they won.

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