Link Fix 9/3/10

I’m sorry, I’ve been battling a nasty cold and have been so disgusted with the Tribe’s play (last night’s win aside) that I haven’t had the energy to post much. But in an effort to get me going, I’m going to start off with a delayed Link Fix. Here are what other people are saying about the Tribe while I’ve been sick:

Nino Colla of The Tribe Daily gets the leadoff spot, with a great article about how Cleveland should embrace closer Chris Perez as the face of the franchise. The more I think about it, the more I tend to agree. He’s probably got to have another good season or two before anyone starts to consider him the face though. Still think Carlos Santana will be the team’s superstar. And don’t forget about that Choo fella who’s just chugging along.

WFNY with a statically in-depth article about Choo’s recent power outage, why fans shouldn’t worry, and why it may work out in the Indians’ favor.

A little old, but Castrovince gives us an update on Bob Feller’s recent leukemia diagnosis. Castrovince has tweeted (@Castrovince) in recent days that Feller seems to be doing well. Best of luck to Mr. Feller from Deep Left Field.

Clippers update from Indians Prospect Insider! David Huff is pitching like he actually wants to be back in the big leagues!

Speaking of September call ups, I’d be remiss if I didn’t link to Call to the Pen here, for who I think the Indians should call up this September. DLF’s contributing writer Marc Bigelow also gives his take, as does CTTP’s Wally Fish for an outside perspective. For the record, I forgot about Cord Phelps because the Indians seem hell-bent on letting Jason Donald clam a role on this club. I don’t even think he’s on their September radar. Hagadone admittedly was a bit of a stretch, but I disagree with Wally that he’s not going to be a major-leaguer. He was a big part of that Victor Martinez deal. Don’t think the Indians will just give up on him.

And I nailed two of the first three call ups. Totally forgot you were still with this team, Jensen. Sorry buddy.

Finally, Paul at The DiaTribe analyzes who’s playing their way out of the 2011 lineup. Forgot how much Trevor Crowe sucked until I read this.

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