So I had a rare Friday off and I jumped at the opportunity to head down to the ballpark. I was treated to a gem by Fausto Carmona, who threw a three-hit complete game shutout. I must admit I was a little surprised that Manny Acta sent Carmona out for the ninth, because Carmona was already around 96 pitches, and Chris (Pure Rage) Perez had been lights out lately. But when you have a 16-inning game you tend to go through pitchers, so it probably was a little easier on Acta to make that call.

So in lieu of a normal game review, I decided to do a tribute to the man who made this game happen (no, not you Matt LaPorta). So here is my tribute to Fausto.

F is for … Fast, because Fausto pitched like a guy who had to be somewhere. 1 hour, 57 minutes of total game time. Sure, part of that was the Twins’ Carl Pavano (remember him?), but we’re talking about Fausto here.

A is for … Accuracy, because Fausto only allowed one walk (beautiful things happen when you don’t walk people) and struck out 7, including two in the 9th.

U is for … Unity, because Fausto had a couple assists from his teammates in the form of two double plays.

S is for … Saving the pen, as Fausto’s performance was probably a sight for Manny Acta’s sore eyes.

T is for … Toughness, because Fausto was throwing as hard as he was in the first inning as he was in the 9th.

O is for … Orlando Hudson, Joe Mauer and Michael Cuddyer, who went a combined 0-10 against Fausto last night.

Oh gimmick posts, you slay me.

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