Tribe's Support of Social Media Should Be Celebrated

Shout out to everyone attending the Tribe Social Forum tonight, which I regretfully will not be able to attend. The Indians are really embracing social media (blogs such as DLF, Twitter, etc.) and it’s very commendable.

The slogan, “Are You IN The Tribe?” may be corny, but I do feel like an Indians insider thanks to the Indians’ welcoming of social media users. Hopefully the team keeps this up, even when (if) they are successful again, and continues their policy of not censoring what social media users say at the Tribe Social Deck and other social media outlets. I’ve been to the Deck twice, never once was I told what to write, or what I couldn’t write. And I’ll admit I was worried about that, because if the Indians are sucking I’m going to call them out about it.

For all the disparaging things that are being said about the Indians, ownership, management, and players, what this team is doing with social media needs to be recognized. I’m so proud to be a blogger of a team (not to mention a fan) that is so forward thinking. Again, I hope the Indians continue to grow with social media and continue to find ways to use it to connect with fans.

Keep it up Tribe.

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