I Would Clean Up on "Beer Money" And the Tribe Loses

So the Indians failed to finish off the sweep of Kansas City Sunday, losing 6-4. Like probably most of the rest of America, I didn’t really care, instead paying more attention to the Browns loss versus the Kansas City Chiefs. Here’s Castrovince on what happened, because honestly you’ve heard this song before.

After the game was the obviously low budget, but strangely entertaining, Beer Money.

The more I watch that show, the more I get pissed I’ve never been on it.

I watch a lot of Cleveland sports, and I could hold my own on Cavs trivia and expansion-era Browns. Old Browns and Ohio State trivia would give me trouble, but hopefully I could avoid those.

But if they were dumb enough to give me an Indians trivia set, I would be the most arrogant asshole that show has ever seen.

I watch the show and most of the people on there have no idea what they’re talking about, or don’t listen to the question. Who gave up the winning run in game 7 of the 1997 World Series?

(Hold on a second, I have to punch a wall.)

Anyways, the guy they interviewed didn’t blink, and immediately said, “Jose Mesa.”

(There goes another wall.)

The actual answer is none other than Charlie Nagy. The image of him stretching out to try to catch that ball is forever burned into my mind.

Another question was a “beer run,” where they asked the guy to name every Indian with 20+ saves in a season.

Answers: Bob Wickman, Kerry Wood, Chris Perez, Joe Borowski, Doug Jones, Mike Jackson, Steve Karsay, Steve Olin and Jose Mesa.

(Another hole. I figure it was already busted.)

I was able to name Sticky Wicky, Wood, Perez, Jackson, Karsay, Olin and He-Who-Has-No-Name. I blocked out Borowski (suprisingly) and totally forgot about Doug Jones. That’s 35 bucks (you get $5 for each correct answer). I’m telling you, they don’t want me on this show.

(Then they just asked one of three players the Indians received from Texas in exchange for Julio Franco. Like the guy they asked, I whiffed on that one as well. Maybe I’m not so hot.)

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