Still Chasing 100 Losses Link Fix

Entering into Tuesday’s game, the Indians are 62-88, which means they need to win one of their last 12 (just one!) in order to avoid a 100-loss season, which seemed like a reality at points during this season. With they way Fausto Carmona and Carlos Carrasco have been pitching, it seems likely that the Indians will win at least one more game this season. Here’s a link fix to catch up on what others are saying about your Cleveland Indians:

Up first, Vince Grzegorek writes for Big League Stew a “Dear John” letter, saying goodbye to the 2010 Indians season. Very well done summary of this year and the Indians chances for next year.

Paul at The DiaTribe does his usual “Lazy Sunday” with a look into his two “keys” for the Indians: Matt LaPorta and Carlos Carrasco.

IPI has news about the Lake County Captains winning the Midwest League title. Congrats to them, let’s hope those kids bring a winning attitude to Cleveland soon.

WFNY with a painful recap of last night’s game. I try not to do too many straight-up recaps, as you can go to WFNY,, or any number of less informative sites and get that info. I try to bring an outsider’s analysis to the games and the team as a whole. Not knocking what WFNY or Let’s Go Tribe does, because they obviously have the staff to do that. Here at DLF, it’s just Marc and I, and I don’t want to bore you by just telling you what happened. You know the Tribe lost. Here’s why, or here’s what they can do to get better. That’s what I want to tell.

Finally, Nino over at The Tribe Daily made me laugh with this picture of the mythical Nimartuena (Nix, Marte, Valbuena) monster. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, well then you don’t read enough Castrovince.

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