Link Fix 10/1/10

I woke up late today, so here’s a link fix to tide you over. As always, this is what the Internet is saying about your Cleveland Indians:

Castrovince starts us off with a mailbag, touching on the 2011 infield, who’s playing winter ball, and Shin-Soo Choo’s military obligation (must have been a slow week for the ol’ mailbag).

The Indians are apparently in the mix on a 33-year old slugging Japanese outfielder. I wonder where Masa Kobayashi is. “That’s Kobayashi, with a ‘K’!” – Matt Underwood.

WFNY discusses the possibility of the Tribe signing Jake the Snake in the offseason. If the Indians could get Westbrook on a two-year deal to a reasonable amount of money, I’d say do it. But I highly doubt that will happen.

More WFNY, with a look at how some of the better teams in baseball were built and compares those teams to the Indians. I’ll tell you how it ends: the Indians are sweet at trades and can’t draft to save their souls.

The DiaTribe with a fascinating post comparing the 2010 Indians to the 2003 Indians and if this team is in better shape than it was in 2003. Can’t say enough about how much I like Paul’s work at The DiaTribe. It’s good enough where I can handle him only posting twice a week.

More Castrovince, with Brandon Phillips running his mouth. Ugh. Shut up. Trading Phillips was a mistake (one that falls squarely on former manager Eric Wedge) but c’mon, he got more of a chance than Andy Marte ever did and Phillips was terrible (.242 OBP in 2003).

Finally, Nino at The Tribe Daily does a rundown of all things Tribe. Good place to start if you need to know what’s going on with the Tribe lately.

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