Link Fix 10/14/10

Hopefully you’ve been enjoying Deep Left Field’s position by position season-in-review series. That series will continue tomorrow (and if you haven’t checked out Marc’s rundown of the Indians starting rotation yet, you most certainly should), but I think we’re long overdue for a Tribe Link Fix. As always, this is what the Internet is saying about your Cleveland Indians.

I can’t wait till the end, I’m gonna throw down the hammer first: former Cleveland Indians “closer” Joe Borowski endorses former Indians manager Eric Wedge as manager of the Cubs. Well no duh, Wedge was the only one who showed any confidence in Borowski during his tenure as Indians closer. And why shouldn’t Wedgie have shown confidence in Borowski? Closers with ERA’s over 5 and WHIPs of 1.43 make great closers. Wedge was just lucky it never bit him in the ass in the 2007 playoffs.

Tony at Indians Prospect Insider hands out his Tony awards to various players in the Indians minor league system. Good place to start to familiarize yourself with the Indians’ farm system.

Nino over at The Tribe Daily has been handing out the Cleveland chapter of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance awards. Deep Left Field is indeed a member of the BBA, but I kinda forgot to send in my votes. Whoops. Anyway, I agree with Nino’s choices for most of these. Definitely check it out.

The DiaTribe, with a look at Cliff Lee’s postseason performances. Ugh. In the post prior to the Lee one, there’s also a fascinating look at the Indians’ new front office and whether or not it’s going to be any different

Castrovince gives us a little inbox love in this week’s mailbag. Nothing too earth-shattering in this one though, although there’s a look at the batting order, and a mini-discussion on Omar Vizquel.

WFNY, commenting on the ado about nothing that is Shin-Soo Choo wanting a “transfer.” Let me make this clear: Shin-Soo Choo cannot leave the Indians under his own will until 2013. And that’s if the Indians do absolutely nothing. Choo is not going anywhere, anytime soon.

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