Alomar Jr. In The Running To Be Next Blue Jays Manager

13 Mar 2000: Catcher Sandy Alomar Jr. #15 of the Cleveland Indians stands to look on the field during the Spring Training Game against the Florida Marlins at Space Coast Stadium in Viela, Florida. Mandatory Credit: Andy Lyons /Allsport

A bit of old(er) news, but Indians first base coach Sandy Alomar Jr. is believed to be a finalist for the Toronto Blue Jays’ manager position. However, most of the rumors I’ve read today have Boston pitching coach John Farrell as being the choice. Can’t really say how I feel about the job Sandy has done this year. I’m not sure how to judge a good first base coach, and Alomar only got to work with prized prospect Carlos Santana for about two months. Still, it was nice to see a familiar face from the Jacobs Field “Era of Champions” over there at first base all season. Sandy has said since he retired that he wanted to be a manager, and he might make a good one. Still, I’ll be glad if he stays for no other reason than to teach Carlos Santana the ropes. Don’t underestimate the type of impact a guy like Alomar could have on Santana. Alomar was a fairly successful catcher himself (as you can see by the little bit of nostalgia at the top of the post :)) and he speaks Spanish, which could help smooth things over for Mr. Supernatural. Still, if this is just a stop in the road for Sandy, Deep Left Field wishes him nothing but the best.

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