Why You Should Buy Indians Tickets

Remember back when the Indians were in the middle of all of those consecutive sell-outs and everyone whined about how they couldn’t get tickets?

Well, times have changed: the team is young and undeveloped, and there are plenty of seats available at Progressive Field. And that’s exactly why you should buy tickets — anything can happen. After all, this is Cleveland.  

What if the team goes on a hot streak and has a shot at the play offs? You’ll regret not buying those tickets back in December when they were available at non-reseller prices.

Clevelanders go see football games in raging snowstorms, so why wouldn’t you want to see a baseball game in ideal weather? We only get so many months of sunshine, so why not enjoy it with a day at the ballpark?

I think that fans should come out and support the team, no matter what. Otherwise, you might regret missing the action.

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