Link Fix 12/21/10

Bob Feller once told me how much he loved Indians links. Wait, no, I never met him. And I’m not sure he would have known what a link is. But he would have been honored after reading some of the pieces written about him since he passed. Here are a few of them, as well as some other links. As always, this is what the Internet is saying about your Cleveland Indians:

We’ll lead off with a little Castrovince, as he checks in over at Castroturf, and shares his memories of returning to Feller’s roots with Feller. I miss reading Anthony’s work on a regular basis, and I was really glad he decided to chime in on Feller’s death.

Paul Cousineau from The DiaTribe has a piece up at The Cleveland Fan about Feller and his passing, and what he meant to each generation of fans. Great read.

More Paul, this time from the DiaTribe, on Austin Kearn’s return. He too, feels it’s a good signing. Unfortunately I didn’t realize he wasn’t going to be an effective platoon partner for Travis Hafner, as Paul explains.

About those Fausto Carmona trade rumors? Just rumors, according to Tony at Indians Prospect Insider. Don’t forget that the last three years of his deal are club options. There is no risk to keeping Fausto, because the Indians aren’t on the hook, per se.

Jordan Bastian chimes in on the Kearns signing, as well as Feller’s passing, in his latest Indians notebook on his blog at Major League Bastian. Jordan’s no AC, but so far I’ve liked his work.

Speaking of Jordan’s work, check out the latest Indians Inbox. His response to Alan N, from Rittman, Ohio, is spot on.

Finally, I’ll let Jon at Waiting For Next Year handle the commentary on the minor league signing of Travis Buck.

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