Long Awaited Congratulations

I have waited far too long to say this. Congratulations Roberto Alomar. His long awaited call from Cooperstown finally came on January 5, 2011.

Unfortunately, I think his wait was a year too long and that he should have headlined the class a year ago. My only qualm here is that the first ballot players are held in a little different standing than other hall of famers. Roberto Alomar should have been in that distinct class. Tim Kurkijen places him as the fifth best second baseman of all time and best since Joe Morgan retired. He was a key member for the Toronto Blue Jays who won back-to-back World Series titles in 92-93. One of the rare back-to-back world champions of our generation. He could steal bases, hit for power and routinely made amazing plays look, well, routine.

Naturally, I remember him best in an Indians uniform. He had three of his best seasons while with the Tribe and arguably two of the best seasons ever for a second baseman, averaging 21 homers and 103 RBI’s and only committing 26 errors in 468games while in a Cleveland uniform. He also teamed with some other guy across the diamond that was pretty good also, Omar Vizquel. It was with Vizquel that make him part of what many call the greatest middle infield duo of all time.

His resume certainly reads like that of a Hall of Famer. Ten gold gloves, 12 All-Star appearances and a .300 career hitter, but in the end Alomar earned his rightful spot in Cooperstown. Maybe the spitting incident with the Orioles hurt him last year, but in the steroid era, he earned the honor. Though he will be wearing a Blue Jays cap, he is still a memorable part of Indians history.

Congratulations Roberto!


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