Indians Own TV Network Doesn't Show Every Game?

SportsTime Ohio was seen as a new, great way for Indians fans to watch their team. It would be Indians baseball 24/7 with games and analysis around the clock. The network has gone in a different direction since its inception in 2006.

Looking at the Indians schedule this year I noticed something that angered me. Many of the Indians Wednesday and Thursday afternoon games aren’t on STO. The first one is May 12th against the Rays. As I looked through the schedule I noticed that there are a total of 7 games that will not be broadcasted on STO. Two of these come down the stretch in September.

I know the Indians will likely not be in a heated playoff race in September, but it is a possibility. Two possibly crucial games will not be televised. They will probably be replaced with re-runs of borderline backyard wrestling in some warehouse in Cleveland.

The whole point of having a TV network devoted to a team is to show every game. That should be first priority. I would much rather watch my favorite MLB team than a late night poker tournament or a random Notre Dame football game from 2007. From my knowledge, Notre Dame is not in Ohio, yet some games are shown on STO.

Some questions in life will never be answered. Why do the Indians trade All Stars? Why does Grady take pictures of himself that humiliate coffee mugs? And why does STO not show every Indians game?

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