New Poll: The Chisenhall Debate

Many Indians fans keep hearing Lonnie Chisenhall’s name and wonder why he is not in the majors. He is a third baseman and the team is clearly weak at that position. Right now the lead candidates are Jayson Nix and Jason Donald. Anything can happen, but those two names do not sound very promising.

Chisenhall was recently voted the Number 36 prospect in baseball by He spent the 2010 season in Akron and had decent stats. He hit .278 with 84 Rbi’s and 17 home-runs.

He is still very young which is a main reason why he is being left in the minors. Development is key to any talented prospect. Players such as Alex White and Jason Kipnis join Chisenhall as other players left to develop in the minors. The main question now is “When will Lonnie Chisenhall make it to the majors?”

If you scroll down the page, on the right there is a poll. It asks the question everyone wants the answer to, “When will Chisenhall make it to the pros?” Make sure to make your voice heard and vote.

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