I'm Sure Chad Durbin is a Nice Guy...

…but I really wish he was pitching elsewhere.

This was a move I didn’t understand this winter. I know he had a few good years with the Phillies, but let’s look at his career numbers. Pitching for a National League team, his career ERA is 3.82 in 235.1 innings. That’s not too bad. When he pitches for an AL team? 5.71 in nearly twice as many innings. Lifetime 1.48 K/BB ratio. Over 1000 hits + walks in less than 700 career innings. He isn’t left handed, he doesn’t light up the radar gun, he’s not a career winner. Unacceptable. I’ll take two of whatever Mark Shapiro and Chris Antonetti were drinking when they concluded that this would be a good way to spend $800k.

I’ve never cared for Joe Smith as a pitcher either, but I am hoping with everything that they cut Durbin loose when they bring Smith back. It is one thing to want to sprinkle in some veteran leadership on such a young team. However, when one of those veterans is constantly pouring gas on the metaphorical fires and has a history of doing so, that is the wrong kind of veteran. He does not have a consistent track record of success. Period. I was hoping he would prove me wrong.

Also, how the hell can Shapiro say we are on a tight budget then walk up to the roulette table and place $800,000 on 37? (For those who don’t gamble, there is no 37 on a roulette wheel. Also, its Chad Durbin’s number.) Orlando Cabrera and Adam Everett have been positive contributors to this team and I applaud the front office for picking them up off the scrap heap. Those were obviously well thought-out, budget conscious moves. Signing Chad Durbin didn’t make any damn sense to me then. It sure as hell doesn’t make any sense to me now.

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