Sizemore to the DL and Travis Buck to the Majors

Grady Sizemore is going back to the DL, a place where he has been for most of the past few years. He hurt his knee sliding into second on Tuesday against the Rays. It was not his surgically repaired knee, which is a good thing. However, the way he hurt himself is eerily similar to the way he did it last year. He slid into second very late and jammed his knee. He needs to stop doing this, or else he may injure his knee so severely that it could end his career.

With Grady going to the DL, the team called up Travis Buck, who was on the opening day roster. He was sent down to AAA Columbus following Sizemore’sreturn. In 10 games in Cleveland, he hit .241 with 2 RBI. He was sent down instead of Shelley Duncan, who has been a real asset for the Tribe this season.

Buck will play in left field along with Austin Kearns. Kearns is only hitting .160 this season, so I would like to see Buck given a chance. In Columbus he hit .333 in 18 games. Being a veteran, Kearns would likely be traded before the team would send him to the minors. If Buck can produce in his time in Cleveland, he will surely be considered for the everyday roster.

Although Grady is key to the team’s success, they should continue playing at their current rate even without Grady. They started the season 10-4 before he joined the team on April 17th. The notorious “B” lineup by Manny Acta, one that doesn’t contain Grady, LaPorta, Hannahan, and Santana, has been successful in a few games this season. It will be very important for whoever is in left field, whether it be Travis Buck, Austin Kearns, or Shelley Duncan, to produce in that lineup spot.

Grady is eligible to return for the May 27th series in Tampa Bay.

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