Indians Depth is Key to Success

It is a known fact that the Indians are the best team in baseball. It is also known that this is due to great play by their starting pitching and by the bats in the lineup everyday.

What is lost in all of this is the guys who do not play everyday, who are producing for the Tribe. This includes Shelley Duncan, Austin Kearns, Travis Buck, and Lou Marson. If he keeps playing well, Ezequiel Carrera can be discussed in this conversation.

Coming into the year, none of the first three guys were expected to do much. Buck was not even on the roster until he proved himself in spring training.

Duncan, Kearns, and Buck all benefit from the injuries seen on the team this year, specifically the one to Grady Sizemore. His injury allows either Kearns or Buck to get the start in left. Duncan occasionaly sees a start in left as well.

Along with the injury to Grady, the injury to Travis Hafner opens up the spot at DH. This has been filled by either Buck or Duncan, depending on whether the pitcher is a righty or lefty.

Without these injuries, Buck would likely still be in Columbus, and Austin Kearns would rarely see any time in left. When Grady returns a decision will need to be made. It will be to decide of who to keep between Kearns and Buck. I would prefer Buck, as he has been more consistent, but Kearns has shown flashes of great play in the last few games.

The fourth player mentioned earlier was Lou Marson. As a backup catcher, he will never need to worry about losing his roster spot. He has seen more time this season as Santana has played many games at first base.

Lou was thrust into the starting role last season, and he was not ready. This season he is being used only a few times a week, and seems much more comfortable. In 12 games this season he is hitting .256 with 6 RBI. This is a major improvement from his .195 average in 87 games last season. It is important to have a reliable backup catcher, and Marson is very reliable.

A player I did not mention is Adam Everett. He has appeared in 20 games this season, but only has 29 at bats. He usually comes in as a defensive replacement late in games. Everett has a great glove on defense, but I do not see him as someone who is a considerable threat on offense. However, with the way the Indians see a new player get the game winning hit nearly every home game, anything is possible.


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