The Time Has Come for The Chiz Kid

Nobody has enjoyed watching Jack Hannahan play third base more than I have. He is the polar opposite of what the position represented last year…but only in the field. He started off the season red hot at the plate, but he has cooled down considerably since. With Shin-Soo Choo now out for at least six weeks, things are getting even thinner in a line up that has been lacking fire power for some time now, and I say its time to see what Lonnie Chisenhall can give this team.

Let’s face it, the three-headed platoon monster of Travis Buck, Shelley Duncan and Austin Kearns just is not producing and now one of them will be in there each day. Choo had just started to show signs of coming out of his season-long slide, but now there is going to be yet another hole in the order. Grady hasn’t been producing much, if at all, since coming off the disabled list. Orlando Cabrera isn’t contributing much. Santana is swinging better but, with LaPorta out, Lou Marson is seeing much more time behind the plate and while he is an excellent backstop, he just doesn’t offer much at the dish.

So here we are, on the road with no Designated Hitter (meaning no Pronk) and a Swiss cheese like batting order. The time has come. Chisenhall has been on fire since coming off the DL in Columbus and, in all honesty, it can’t get much worse at the plate. Again, I mean no offense to Hannahan but, well, he provides no offense. As long as he isn’t a swinging door at third, I think it is time to sacrifice Hannahan’s defense for Lonnie’s offense. We all (including Jack) know that this is inevitable anyway.

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