Lonnie, Mitch, All-Star Snubs and Trade Rumors

In my last post, I begged for the Tribe to cut Adam Everett loose and call up phenom Lonnie Chisenhall. I doubt it was my coaxing that did it, but I’m going to pretend it was anyway. His presence in the order seemed to make at least a little difference, as the team was missing a lot of depth with Hafner on the bench for nine days. Though its only a small sample size, Lonnie hasn’t looked over matched at this level. One area of concern (and one management was already well aware of) is that he has already made two errors over at the hot corner.

Watching Mitch Talbot pitch makes me sick to my stomach. In his last two starts the team has spotted him a two-run lead early, and he seemingly couldn’t wait to just piss it right away either time. For a team that is still struggling to score, we can’t have this. Some would argue that Fausto is doing the same, and those people would be right. Fausto, however, has the raw stuff and track record that says this can be corrected. Talbot has neither. He is a pitcher who relies on control and was missing Lou Marson’s glove by a foot pitch after pitch. Unfortunately, with Carmona now on the DL it isn’t likely they’ll move Talbot out of the rotation until he comes back, so the offense had better be ready.

Justin Masterson deserved to be an all-star, I thought. His 6-6 record isn’t impressive, but all Tribe fans know that you can tag most of those losses on the offense. Justin boasts a 2.85 ERA (ninth in the AL) and has allowed just four home runs in over 113 innings pitched. With a handful of pitchers who will be ineligible because they’re pitching on Sunday, hopefully Ron Washington will do the right thing and add him to the roster.

There has been a lot of trade banter surrounding the Indians. Considering their lack of offensive fire power and depth in the starting rotation, I’d say it is warranted. That being said, everything I am hearing is just absolutely ludicrous. Today I read an article on Bleacher Report suggesting the Indians trade for Chad Billingsley. Um…what? The Indians are NOT trading top prospects to win this year. According to the article, though, it wouldn’t take that. Basically what they are saying is “just throw them some minor leaguers and Billingsley is going to be the next Justin Verlander.” That is paraphrased, but if you read the article that is more or less what they are saying. People, please, if you’re going to throw out some ridiculous trade idea, at least qualify it by saying you’re intoxicated or something of the like because if this is a sober thought, well, that’s some imagination. This write also thought the Indians could swap Fausto Carmona for Dan Haren. I wish.

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