Derek Jeter Was Never Going to Get His 3,000th Hit in Cleveland

The Indians game on July 4th was a sellout, and yesterday’s had about 30,000 fans in the crowd. This is due to many different factors: it’s the fourth of July, the Yankees are in town, and the Indians are in first place. Even with all of these different reasons, nearly everyone in the crowd was aware that Derek Jeter was approaching 3,000 hits.

Jeter came into this series only needing 6 hits to reach number 3,000. But the reality was that Yankees coach Joe Girardi would never let Jeter reach this hit plateau in Cleveland.

Derek Jeter is one of the greatest Yankees of all time, and Girardi would ensure that Jeter would get hit number 3,000 in New York. There was talk of him leaving Jeter out of today’s lineup, because he is only 4 hits away. If Jeter would have actually gotten a hit or two in Monday’s game, he surely would have been held out of today’s game.

Jeter is always going up to the plate trying to get a hit, but he, as anyone else would, wants to get his 3,000th hit in front of the New York crowd. It will make the moment better for him, and allow for more of a celebration to take place than if he was on the road.

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