Jason Kipnis Has Arrived

The Indians have finally made the move that many have been waiting for them to make all year. It was announced yesterday that Jason Kipnis will be on the roster for tonight’s game against the White Sox. It is also likely that he will be in the lineup, as it is expected that he will be the primary option at second base. This move resulted in Luis Valbuena being sent back to Columbus, which is a move no fan should be upset with, considering his performance in left field on Wednesday.

Jason Kipnis was a name that fans have been hearing about all year. Along with Lonnie Chisenhall, he came into the season as one of the organization’s highest rated players.

In AAA Columbus this season, Kipnis has hit .279 with 12 home runs and 55 RBI. He should help the offense, with an impact similar to that of Lonnie Chisenhall. This impact should be felt very soon, as Kipnis is not expected to be a bench player. The whole reason for calling him up is for him to play everyday, with Orlando Cabrera becoming the backup. O-Cab will not be too happy about this, but it was known by him and the organization that Kipnis was the future at second base.

Some have suggested that Kipnis should be put in the outfield, as he played there in college at Arizona State. This could be an option in emergency situations, such as the one seen on Wednesday when Luis Valbuena played in left, but this is not something that will occur regularly. He has been training to be a second baseman since he has been drafted, and that is what he will do in Cleveland.

This move shows that the front office and coaching staff are ready for a tough pennant race. They are bringing up all the talent they have, in order to give the team the best chance of winning. The next step will be to find one more piece, particulary and outfielder, to help this team make the next step and actually reach the playoffs.

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