The Ubaldo Era Begins...

Tonight, the Ubaldo Jimenez era will officially begin for the Cleveland Indians.

It couldn’t come at a more opportune time. Three games out, and heading into a series with the American League’s third best scoring offense, the Indians could set themselves up to reclaim the top spot in the central by the end of next week.

BUT it starts here. It starts with pitching. It starts with Ubaldo Jimenez. This is why the Indians made the move. They’re going to HAVE to do it with pitching, AT LEAST until reinforcements in the form of Choo and Sizemore return. But will that be enough?

The offense has been, well, offensive frankly. The pitching has been what has kept the Tribe afloat this long.

Since that 30-15 start, the Indians own the league’s third worst record and are 14 games below .500.

You can’t fake it, not in baseball. 162 games is just too long for a team to be a mirage. They have struggled, but they control their own destiny. 39 of the Indians last 54 games are against American League Central opponents, 12 of those are against the Tigers.

Buckle up. It’s going to be a wild ride!!


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