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Opposition Research: Jason Evans Talks Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim come to town Monday night to kick off a three-game set at Progressive Field. So I talked to Angels blogger Jason Evans from to get his thoughts on the Tribe’s upcoming guests. Here’s what he had to say:

  • The Angels are more than five games back in the AL West, but if the season ended today they’d have the top wild card seed. Do you expect them to make the playoffs? If so, as division winners or one of the wild cards?

I expect them to be one of the wild cards. Texas and the Yankees are probably the two best teams in the league and I expect Texas to finish ahead of them.

  • What do you expect the Halos to do at the trade deadline? Are there any particular players or types of players you’d like them to target?

Bullpen help and or a low end starting pitcher. Though this could change if Mark Trumbo or Jered Weaver gets hurt tomorrow.

  • Speaking of trades, the Indians have been connected to Vernon Wells. If you’re Jerry Dipoto, what do you want for him and how much of his salary are you willing to eat?

Similar prospects to what the Philies got for Jim Thome and pay 80% if you have to. Wells doesn’t really have a place on the roster at this point with Mike Trout being Mike Trout.

  • Mark Trumbo is slugging .620. Do you expect him to sustain this power surge?

I expect him to hit for a ton of power but in order to keep it there he’s going to have to become more patient at the plate. His OBP is way too low.

  • Who’s pitching for LA this weekend, and what should Tribe fans look for from them?

As of now the only confirmed starter is Jered Weaver who’s going on monday for LA. If rotation stays as is it’s Dan Haren Tuesday and Ervin Santana on wednesday. Weaver us just coming back from injury, I want to see how his arm strength is. Haren is getting pounded as of late, though if he keeps ball down it will be a long night for opposition. Santana has been good of late though super inconsistent, probably a good sign for the Tribe.

  • What’s your prediction for the series?

Angels take 2 of 3 (can’t go against them, can I?).

How many games will the Indians win this series?

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