The Tribe's First Half: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

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  • The inconsistency.



Manny Acta and his players have been saying for weeks that the team is not playing their best. If that’s so, then when can we expect to see them in top form? We’re halfway through the season. It’s nice that they can contend even when they’re not playing their best baseball, but they could end up falling out of contention before they do. You never know what to expect when one of the pitchers takes the mound or when a player steps up to bat. Sometimes they put you in awe with an outstanding performance, but other times you just shake your head as they disappoint.

Everything about this season has been inconsistent. This team flashes it’s brilliance from time to time, but just as often it seems they can’t get going. It goes to show that Acta and his players are sincere in saying that they are not playing their best baseball, but it’s imperative that they start to early in the second half, before it’s too late.

  • Poor trades and roster moves.

There’s still time to address weaknesses on the roster, hopefully sooner rather than later. So far, there has been little to bolster the roster and that started as early as this past offseason. Casey Kotchman has been impressive on the field at first base, but at the plate he’s had little success. However, that’s a signing that I will be willing to excuse, as Kotchman has had upside.

On the other hand, players like Aaron Cunningham and Johnny Damon have left a lot to be desired. Damon has been showing a little more lately, but his fielding is dismal. Meanwhile, Cunningham is almost always an automatic out in my mind. During the offseason, the Indians were unable to lock up any impact players. The silver lining is that the Chris Antonetti still has time to pull the trigger on a beneficial move before the trade deadline comes to a close.

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