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How Did Former Indians Do in Hall of Fame Vote?

The 2013 BBWAA Hall of Fame election results were announced Wednesday afternoon, with the maddeningly anticlimactic result of no new inductees. But aside from the unacceptable overall result, how did the six former Indians players on the ballot do?

Leading the way was Jack Morris, who spent the final season of his 18-year MLB career with Cleveland. With 385 votes (67.7 percent) Morris was the second-most-supported candidate on the ballot, behind only Craig Biggio. That puts him within striking distance of the magic 75 percent threshold needed for induction for 2014, his 15th and final year of eligibility.

Morris was the only former Tribe player who received enough support (5 percent) to remain on the ballot for 2014, but he wasn’t the only one to get votes. Kenny Lofton led the first-timers with 18 votes (3.2 percent), followed closely by Sandy Alomar Jr., who had 16 votes (2.8 percent). Julio Franco also received six votes (1.1 percent).

Neither Roberto Hernandez nor Jose Mesa received a single vote.

With the possible exception of Morris it didn’t seem likely that any former Indians would get in this year, but this result is still underwhelming—particularly how Lofton was snubbed. That he didn’t even survive his first appearance on the ballot is downright criminal.

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