From flickr, by Ewen Roberts. Used under the Creative Commons License.

Vote for the 2013 SABR Analytics Research Awards!

This year, the Society for American Baseball Research has created a new series of Analytics Research Awards to recognize the previous year’s best baseball writing and research in the categories of analysis, contemporary commentary, and historical commentary. Voting for the awards is open to the public and the results will be announced at the SABR Analytics Conference in March.

I am truly humbled to announce that a piece of my work, entitled “Did Hall of Fame’s Founders Want Voters to Judge With Their Eyes?”, has been chosen as a finalist for a SABR Analytics Research Award for Contemporary Baseball Commentary.

You can vote for the SABR Analytics Research Awards on all four of the following sites. If you truly believe that my article is deserving, I would greatly appreciate your support (it’s in the second category). Either way, please take the time to vote!

Voting is open through February 21 ends today! Whomever you vote for, please take a few moments to support some of the best baseball writing out there.

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