Wahoo's On First Podcast, Episode 2

We couldn’t stop at just one, so here’s Episode Two of the possibly named Wahoo’s on the Mic. We’re focus grouping it. (Editor’s note: I approve this name 100%)

Anyway, Ed, Merritt and Nick delve into what they think could give Zach McAllister the lift from better than alright pitching to near-greatness or at least high confidence creating. They also look back to the early days of the Antonetti Era of prospects gone bye. Oscar Taveras is targeted for trade from the St. Louis Cardinals. One day, one of these is going to work, so might as well save the best for first.

Wahoo’s on First Podcast, Episode Two <-Click to launch MP3

Enjoy the program, and send questions to [email protected] or in a comment down below.


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