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Game MVP: Yan Gomes [5/20/13]

Continuing the MVP series, Monday’s MVP is Yan Gomes. To get your Yan Gomes MVP virtual card, send me an e-mail to [email protected], with the phrase “MultihomerGame” in the subject line.

Yan Gomes (catcher, #10)

MVP Rating: Hero

Game Stats:

  • 3 for 5 (.600 batting average)
  • 9 total bases (1.800 slugging percentage)
  • 2 HR (4 this season)
  • 4 RBI (9 this season)
  • Great defense (Caught 1 of 2 runners stealing)


Yan Gomes is quickly establishing an argument for keeping him on the 25-man roster for the long term. He has incredible numbers for a backup catcher, including having caught 5 of 9 runners trying to steal a base (and a successful pickoff as well). Along with a .302/.309/.642 batting line. If the Tribe becomes unable to afford Mark Reynolds next year, I fully expect to see Gomes as our full-time catcher, with Swisher and Santana splitting time between first base and DH.

In Monday’s game, Yan Gomes followed up a 3-run homer by Ryan Raburn with a long ball of his own. After a dramatic game, Gomes appeared to be set to bunt Brantley and Stubbs to third and second respectively, but after a change in signs, he lined a 3-2 pitch over the 19-foot wall in left field for a turbocharged walk-off ending to a tremendous game. Gomes has been a huge improvement over Lou Marson, and I seriously hope to see him behind the plate for the Tribe in many more games this season,

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