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Wahoo's on First vs. The MLB Rule Book

On Tuesday, ESPN posted an article by Jayson Stark dealing with the MLB rule book and the issues umpires have had this season properly enforcing some of the more obscure rules of baseball. It was a pretty interesting read and made me aware of some of the more intimate details of the rule book that even I wasn’t aware of. I was surprised by how much I didn’t know considering I played baseball from the time I was five years old all the way up through high school. Throw in the countless hours spent watching baseball and it was even more of an eye opener.

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Going along with the article was a 10 question quiz that presented various obscure scenarios that no one in their right mind has probably ever experienced or even seen. Always one to seize an opportunity, I decided to send the link to the quiz out to the Wahoo’s on First staff in order to find out just who knows the rules and who doesn’t. Seeing as how we like to berate, insult, and declare our own supremacy in our email chains, I figured this would provide the perfect opportunity for someone to claim bragging rights.

Or we would find out just how stupid we are. Fun times.

In the end, six of us ended up taking the quiz and a seventh ended up lying about his results just to get a rise out of the rest of us. I’ll leave you to guess who that might have been. The results were as follows:

  • Brian Heise: 4/10
  • Geordy Boveroux: 5/10
  • Ed Carroll: 4/10
  • Merritt Rohlfing: 5/10
  • Kyle Downing: 5/10
  • Steve Kinsella: 7/10
  • Nick Houghtaling: 10/10

As you can see, the results of the quiz were fairly consistent amongst our staff. Steve Kinsella, the veteran member of our staff, out scored everyone to the surprise of no one. MEanwhile, Nick Houghtaling is a lying jerk face who can not be trusted. He also lives in California. Yell at him on Twitter. (In his defense, he admitted that he was just joking around).

In addition to the staff, I also decided to have my wife take the quiz. First of all, I figured she would serve as a control subject for the test’s results. Second, I apparently enjoy putting myself into potentially humiliating situations where my wife get the chance to get the upper hand. After walking her through each scenario she ended up scoring a 4/10. I’m still not sure what that means.

Either all of us are idiots and could have done just as well is not better by simply guessing or my wife knows significantly more about baseball and its rules than I give her credit for. Honestly, I’m going with the latter.

So with that in mind, feel free to take the quiz yourself and please let us know how you did. People are always telling us on Twitter that we have no idea what we’re talking about. Time to see whether or not any of you know what you’re talking about. You can hit us up with your results either in the comments below or on Twitter @WahoosOnFirst.

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